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Responsive design is crucial for Google

responsive web design

A responsive website, quite simply, changes its size automatically depending on what device is being used to view the site. So whether a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer is used the site will look its best and crucially the user will be able to view all the websites information clearly and easily.

Your Google Ranking - Google (the only search engine that really matters) now takes into account whether your website is responsive / mobile friendly. If its not then the position your website appears in search results will suffer. This is because upto a staggering 60% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your site is not responsive you will be loosing business to your competitors.

Ease of use for the visitor - Responsive websites automatically adapt their content to the device being used to view that site, that means text size is increased, images are automatically re-sized and the site ingeneral is easy to view and navigate.

All the websites we design are responsive, 

and work flawlessly with  any device. 

Mobilegeddon on Sky News & the BBC


Don't take our word for it! read the Sky News and BBC news articles regarding "Mobilegeddon" this took a lot of website owners by complete suprise.

If your website is not responsive your Google rank will suffer, that's a fact. We can convert a non responsive website quickly and easily, prices start at just £99 depending on the size of your website. Contact us today for a quote!

BBC News Report                Sky News report

Can I check if my website is responsive?

is my website responsive?

Yes !, If you want to check if your website is responsive / mobile friendly, Google have a free online responsive site checker.

Simply click on the button below, enter your website name, and click "Analyze" after a few seconds Google will tell you if your website is responsive or not.  If your website is not responsive then come and ask us for some advice or even a quote!

Is my current site responsive?

FREE SEO package with all website Design

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All the websites we design, whether from scratch or a re-design come with our full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)  package worth £199 totally free of charge. 

This includes full website optomisation, Google Analytics and site verification, and submission to all major search engines and directories. It basically means your website will be found by your new customers on Google before your competition, Kerrching.