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Love it or hate it Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest,Google + etc) plays an important role for any website. As part of your overall Google position / ranking your social media activity will be taken into account. In addition posting regularly on facebook, or tweeting on twitter is a great way to get a message out to relevant people quickly and easily, plus if those people re-post or re-tweet they are doing your internet marketing for you, for free!

We are very experienced in setting up Twitter and facebook pages including custom design and managing and growing quality followers, getting retweets and likes.  We know what social media will work for your business and what will not.

Case Study -

Our brief was to increase the customers current 200 followers. Using organic methods we obtained a total of 1700 new followers over a 2 month period. These new followers were all interested in the  products our customer sold, therefore the quality of the new audience base was exceptionally high, this lead to increased sales as well as providing a very valuable database of current and potential customers.

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